Planning and Management Services for Sustainable/Regenerative Development

We provide planning and management support services to help your organization achieve its mission and goals related to sustainable/regenerative development.


Each of our unique projects has required a tailored set of services to efficiently meet the needs of a client.  Our experience and connections to a rich network of expertise from around the world ensures successful and often innovative outcomes.

What clients and partners are saying

As former CEO, Chris helped position Biomimicry 3.8 as a world-class consultancy, bringing nature’s designs to the top names in consumer products and built environment design. 

Janine Benyus, Co-Founder of Biomimicry 3.8


In the three years I worked with Mr. Allen on the United Nations-affiliated Golden Gate Biosphere Reserve Project, his intelligence, punctuality, work ethic, spirit, and personality came to the fore under pleasant and stressful circumstances. His skills and experience are such that he will do an excellent job on any project.

Ed Ueber, Manager (Retired) | Gulf of the Farallones, Cordell Bank, and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuaries; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)


I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Allen on a variety of sustainability projects over the past 15 years. I first met Chris at the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) where he managed several projects from 1996 through 1999. Chris focused on socioeconomic, green building, and land-use planning issues related to sustainable community development. Chris was a valued leader on the sustainable community programs during his employment with NCAT.

One of the highlights of the projects that Chris developed for NCAT was a proposal to create an information exchange network to facilitate sustainable energy development among the 34 countries of the Western Hemisphere. For this project Chris developed relationships with the World Bank, USAID, Organization for American States, and several corporations and foundations.

Jeff Birkby, Program Manager | National Center for Appropriate Technology


From among all the analysts with whom we have subcontracted for our contract with the US Department of Energy’s Inventions and Innovation Program, Chris Allen + Associates stands out as the company requiring the least amount of instruction and   virtually no guidance along the way, but delivered the best finished product in both content and presentation. Their professional, yet easy-going manner makes them a pleasure to work with, and we now find ourselves judging other efforts by how they compare to the standard they set.

John Balsam, Principal | John Balsam and Associates